Client Testimonials

“It’s often said … “you get what you pay for”, however, with Paula you honestly get so much more. First and foremost, Paula is extremely professional and communicates with her clients consistently throughout the buying / selling process. Paula understands that homes sales is both a business and an emotional decision and she compassionately guides you through that process step by step. I was most impressed with how well Paula exhibited “grace under pressure”. Specifically, my wife and I did not thoroughly understand the detailed calculation of tax responsibility and we pushed back looking for a detailed explanation. Not once did Paula get upset or get short with us and she truly went out of her way to assist us. She did not say “trust me”, Paula assisted us in contacting an expert resource within her network that we leveraged to obtain successful closure to our detailed concerns. I have purchased / sold many homes over my lifetime and I can honestly say that Paula is hands down the best agent we have ever dealt with. I recommend Paula to our friends and family.
is “my agent for life”. -Jennifer Smith, Cary NC

“We worked with Paula on both the purchase and sale of a home. There is not a single take away from either transaction where I felt we weren’t represented in the most professional manner possible. Paula’s vast real estate experience is evident in the way she conducts herself with you and all parties involved in a transaction. In addition to the purchase and sale, Paula also represented us as part of an offer that was not successful. There was never a hint of pressure to increase an offer to close the deal. She provided all relevant facts that allowed my wife and I to make an offer we were comfortable with. Paula is a true partner that I’d recommend to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a home”.

Brian Short, Balsamwood Ct, Cary