Seller’s Resources


Seller’s Agent Creed

If You Are Selling a Home

As your selling agents (commonly referred to as listing agent), We will promote and protect your interests until the day of settlement. We will serve as mentors/confidants to guide you through one of the largest transactions you will ever have. If you entrust the sale of your home to us, We will provide you with many valuable services.


  • Determine the value of your home based on statistical information and explain exactly how we arrived at the value.
  • Design a marketing strategy to sell your home quickly, staying as close to the asking price as possible.
  • Offer suggestions on preparing the house for sale (such as making repairs, decluttering, etc.)
  • Provide a Seller’s net sheet to establish an estimate of YOUR proceeds.
  • Offer guidance through the completion and execution of mandatory Federal and State Disclosures.
  • Provide beautiful photographs and video virtual tour.
  • Market your property through TMLS and the Internet.
  • Ensure that the buyers brought to your home are qualified to purchase it.
  • Work efficiently and cooperatively with buyer’s agents to negotiate all offers and counteroffers.
  • Act as a buffer between you and the buyer.
  • Represent you during inspections, estimates, and repairs to your property.
  • Communicate feedback from showings to you as it comes in (and solicit feedback if it is not provided).
  • Coordinate your closing with you and your attorney.
  • Thoroughly explain and confirm the accuracy of the Settlement Statement prior to closing.
  • Attend the closing with you, making sure that you are treated fairly and are fully compensated.

We will do all of this and only be compensated when you have a successfully sold your home under terms that are agreeable to you.

I look forward to discussing this in more detail with you.